Tribes 2 is the Debel!

So a “friend” loaned me one of his two legal copies of Tribes 2 a few weeks ago. Last night, after faithfully completing all the solo training missions, I finally logged onto the chaotic free-for-all that is the online Tribes 2 experience. Since I was already on the phone with this “friend”, he coached me through finding a decent server.
My impression — a really kick-ass Halflife interface (without some of the really good stuff like kneeling and crawling on your belly), crossed with the Pure Crack Insanity of the Nox Online battles.
To be more specific: there is no plot to these online sessions, people. By and large, there’s no plot anywhere in the game design at all except during the training missions (just slick graphics and good effects) — after that, it’s “Kill em all”.
Unless you’re into (and capable of pretty fast) multiplayer, there’s absolutely no reason to own this game.
I was still muttering such thoughts under my breath at 2:15 am while I drew a bead on {DM}HntrKllr from about 1000 meters out — rat bastard was going down — it’s what he gets for sitting still with a sniper nearby…
Then Jackie came and slapped me to my senses.
I don’t know when my “good buddy” logged off — but I’ll bet he was chuckling to himself when he did.

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  1. I bought it with Serria shutdown the studio in Eugene that did Tribes 2, never got into it.
    So you are saying…reinstall Tribes 2?

  2. I can’t type today.
    I bought Tribes2 when Sierra shutdown the Eugene Studio that did the game, but I never spent the time on it.
    So you are saying…reinstall Tribes2?

  3. It’s one of those things you either love or you’ll hate. I know I’ll like it for awhile, then the lack of story will start to bore me. Problem is, if you want to get story, you can’t…
    With Nox, or Warcraft II, or Starcraft, you can beat up on each other, or do the story, which is pretty cool most of the time… with Diablo II, the multiplayer and solo play are practically identical to each other (and that’s really the sort of thing I prefer).
    Tribes is different — pure visceral gun-blasting. For what it is, it’s fantastic.

  4. So, if a fella like Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Wolfenstein, Medal of Honor, AvP. I’d like Tribes 2?
    Now some of the CompSci kids down the hall from my Server Barrow swore by Tribes2, but I just never got into it. Learning curve I guess.
    Alrighty, I’ll install it again.
    As for story, I can take it or leave it. If I want a story, I’ll play Resident Evil on Gamecube.
    Man I have too many games to play.

  5. Muahahaaaaaahhhaaaaaa! Yes, another one comes into the dark fold. I’ve been playing Tribes 2 since it came out, about a year and a half ago. The game, quite simply rocks. Very best 3rd person shooter made thus far. No, no story line. But /strategy/. Rather than just running around and shooting/getting shot every 5 seconds.

  6. As soon as I get my new 80GB Maxtor 7200RPM drive in my new Lian-Li Al case, I’ll have some room to install Tribes2 :).

  7. It’s a great game. And the added bonus is getting to shoot Doyce in the head. *zorch* I’m trying to get a screen shot of that.:) I’m sure Doyce has increased his swearing vocabulary since he started playing this, know I did.

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