kd‘s been talking about switching her home machine to linux (traveling a road I have oft-times glanced down myself, even going so far as to walk down the path a few miles to see how it looked).
It’s got me thinking again…

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  1. I have a machine running RedHat upstairs, it used to be a tinkering workstation, now it’s a server for some stuff.
    I like KDE alot more than I like the Win95-2000 interface. I think Gnome crashes to much. For stability, well my box upstairs just passed the 400 day uptime mark.
    That’s RedHat for IA-32 and KDE.
    If you are running on Intel/AMD hardware you can’t go wrong with Linux. I like RedHat and SUSE.
    On Motorola, I run OS X, OS X Server and SUSE PPC with KDE. 180-220 day uptimes are common on OS X Server, I have a box with OS X Server 1.2 (NeXTStep) that ran for 548 days without a reboot.
    Walk down the Linux road, or do soming better and walk down the BSD road.

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