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So, we went to the movie last night. No spoilers, just my very vague impressions.
Better than Episode 1? Absolutely. Much more visually interesting — Lucas acknowledges for the first time that I’m aware of that planets actually have weather, not just climates. Also, the plot is much more convoluted and interesting.
Favorite episode? No. Pacing in the first half could have been tighter. There was a slightly ‘off’ feel to a great number of the action scenes that I think better editting could have fixed. I’ll probably always be an Empire Strikes Back guy, I guess.
Should you see it? That’s funny — what are you, crazy? Go see it. It’s pretty damn fantastic. There are a great number of very, very good parts.
I’ve got a lot more to say about individual scenes that will just have to wait for a week, or just for a long conversation with people face to face.

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  1. No spoilers in here either, please.
    A word about the ‘Pacing’ comment — my personal opinion is that what Lucas does very well in each of these movies is present an action sequence that’s at the very limit of what people can keep track of at the time:
    – X-wings against the Death Star
    – Millenium Falcon in the Asteroid field
    – Speeder bikes in the Endor Forest
    – The pod race
    – ?
    It isn’t as though such a scene wasn’t there in potential — it just wasn’t realized.

  2. No chatting about it allowed on Friday night. Dave and I won’t get to see it until Saturday night.

  3. The Century 16 in Southeast Portland.
    Recliners, loveseats, pizza, beer, REAL nachos, Coke products and the best damned popcorn w/ REAL butter, fresh gummy bears and people will help you haul your food into the theatre even.
    Oh and Fandango movie tickets.
    Saw LotR/FotR there 3 times.

  4. Well the best I can do is the AMC 24 theatre at the Westminster Promenade here in Colorado. It has stadium seating, not as cushy as love seats but as long as I get to see the movie I don’t care. I have the tickets in hand and am all ready for Saturday night. I just hope I can wait that long…….

  5. I dunno. There might be an action scene like that.
    Seeing it a second time, Doyce, I think the part where that guy is going to that place and he and him are chasing and making it very difficult because of those things that do that thing we were talking about that time.
    You know the part.

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