2-second review

Panic Room :: Forrest Whitaker is great. Jodie Foster plays… that role that she does very well (hyper-competent asexual woman). The photography was very good.
In the end, it wasn’t (a) what I was expecting and (b) as good as I’d hoped.
I humbly submit Ghost Dog as a better Whitaker movie, and… well, frankly, I like Foster, but her movie roles are practically interchangeable — put a short-wave radio in the panic room and it could have been a set in Contact — Dwight Yoakum could have started saying “it puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again”, and I’m not sure I would have noticed.
I loved the brownstone, though. Great set.

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  1. He was in Panic Room, and with his somewhat long hair, and slightly unhinged character, Yoakum’s character seemed like a more socialized version of the guy in Silence of the lambs.
    It was all part of that “Foster movie interchangeability” that I was going for :)

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