Always in motion, is the future…

“Patience, my young apprentice.”
“You know, not everything in life relates to Star Wars…”
“HEY! I don’t make fun of your religion.”
So I was watching the new Star Wars trailer on Sunday (first time I’ve been on Fox in a long while), and I have a much better feeling about Episode Two than I did for Episode One.
First off, it’s a really long trailer, I didn’t see Jar Jar, or any Gungans. Goooood. May they be consigned to the fiery Hell of Over-merchandized Craptactular Promo Stunts from which they came.
Secondly, the big army is starting to get built, and the prototypes of all the really good stuff from the Classic Trilogy is starting to show up: the first ‘flying wedge’ Star Destroyers, the first Stormtrooper suits. It’s all good.
Third, more flying car scenes. Multipass, baby.
CHOMPERS. (Sorry, I watched Galaxy Quest a few days ago.)
Anyway, I’m psyched. Fully back into Star Wars geek mode — probably the first type of geek that I ever was, although the list is now long and distinguished.

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