Machine Man

Jackie got the parts for a new computer yesterday, and we spent the evening getting all the hardware put together. The OS disk came into my possession this morning… and I can’t install it. I’m not allowed. Jackie wanted to be directly involved in the computer creation process this time, because she’s getting an IT degree, and wants to know “how the damn things go together.”
But I’m home all day.
Thus, I’ve done the only thing someone like me in a situation like this can do: Upgraded my own machine to the new OS (Win2000 pro, if you’re interested). This had led to 3 or 4 hours of hilarity as I track down updated drivers for my equipment, fix up my software that doesn’t want to run anymore, and browse from my still-perfectly-functional-on-Win98 laptop.
Aside from the overall geekiness of it all, and my stomach cramps, a pretty good day.
Speaking of my illness, I want to thank Xkot for putting up a mojo magnet on his site during my hospital stay. Ever little bit helped keep the e coli concerns of the doctor safely in the “Crackpot” column.