DVD Space Madness

Picked up the Ep. 1 DVD (Randy is buying a DVD player — who am I going to schlep off old VCR copies of movies to, now that he’s joined the tech revolution?), and I’m doing that thing.
You know, that thing.
They’ve tweaked the movie, right? There are little bits and pieces of scenes that didn’t used to be there that aren’t now.
So I’ve seen the original theatre version (obviously) a couple (*coff*) times, and I’m trying to spot these new bits. But it’s been awhile, and I’m second-guessing myself.
“Is this bit a new bit, or an old bit that I’d forgotten about?” I barely watched the movie, trying to see the bits. Forest for the trees, I suppose.
This never happened with the Original Trilogy vs. the Special Edition… I’ve seen the originals way too many times to not recognize the changes. While I appreciate the new scenes and bumped-up production values, the scenes and lines that they Changed were a flat-out mistake. How the hell could Greedo miss at that distance!?!
One nice thing about the DvD: I can skip the midichlorian scene seamlessly.
What the hell were you thinking, George?