I want you to imagine a different 2009

A 2009 where, mere hours after being sworn in, Obama (let me see if I can remember it all…) imposed both sharia AND martial law, opened FEMA internment camps, instituted mandatory abortions and death panels, wrecked the economy even more than it was, forced us all to get gay married, and confiscated all privately-owned firearms.

Because that's the bullshit people were screaming about, without a shred of evidence, and none of it happened. None of it.

And you say my reaction to Trump is the same.

Except the things I shouted about are things he repeatedly said he was going to do.

The things I am shouting about are what. he. is. doing. now.

That bullshit you fever-dreamed about in 2009?

That's the reality of 2017.

"The white house climate change web page that existed is removed from the Trump site."

"Also gone are the web pages the previous administration had devoted to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals; people with disabilities; and civil rights more generally."

You voted for Trump?

You voted to poison the planet.

You voted to cook our children and grandchildren in a world you're too lazy to take care of.

You voted for my dad to lose his healthcare because he's been fighting prostate cancer for fifteen years and is about to become 'uninsurable' again.

You voted to take rights and protections away from my family.

If I had a hope in this, it would be only that you never have cause to regret the actions of the man you voted into office.

But I do not have that hope.

I have an enemy.

I have resolve and a renewed will to resist this human stain on the country's legacy.


Trump signs executive order that could effectively gut Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate
The order directs all federal agencies to minimize the law’s “economic and regulatory burdens” as felt by consumers, insurers, providers, drug companies and states.