2016 Election Statistics

White millennials voted for Trump 48% to 42%
White women voted for Trump 53% to 43%
White college graduates voted for Trump 49% to 45%

Black men voted Hillary 82% to 13%
Black women voted Hillary 94% to 4%

Latino men voted Hillary 63% to 32%
Latino women voted Hillary 69% to 25%

Black millennials voted Hillary 85% to 9%
Latinos millennials voted Hillary 68% to 26%

Non-white college graduates voted Hillary 72% to 22%

All of these numbers are from the same CNN exit poll.

It is hard to find a single white demographic that did not come up with a Trump majority (white college-graduated women come up 51% for Hillary) and there is not a single non-white demographic that came up with a Trump majority or came anywhere near the polling margin of error.

Statistically the strongest defining feature of the Trump supporter is whiteness.

Does this mean the majority of white people actively hate people of color and voted for Trump because they wanted a racist in charge?

No. That’s not how racism works.

What it means is that, as a result of unconscious racism, a LOT of white people who do not consider themselves racist ignored Trump’s racism and voted for him anyway.

They simply did not care about people of color enough to not vote for Trump.

That’s racism’s biggest effect: apathy to the point of allowing people to die because you can’t be bothered to keep them safe.