So… Let’s Review Trump’s Cabinet. That sounds like fun…

White House Chief Strategist:

Steve Bannon (CEO of Breitbart News)

National Security Advisor:

Michael Flynn (Disgraced former General)

Attorney General:

Jeff Sessions (Alabama Senator)

Secretary of Education:

Betsy DeVos (Billionaire private education advocate )

Secretary of Agriculture:

Forrest Lucas (Billionaire owner of the company Lucas Oil)

Secretary of Energy:

Harold Hamm (Billionaire Oil Tycoon)

Secretary of Homeland Security:

Michael McCaul (Texas Congressman and the 2nd Richest U.S Politician before Trump with $300 million dollars)

Secretary of the Treasury:

Steven Mnuchin (Worked for Goldman Sachs and produced American Sniper)

Secretary of Commerce:

Peter Thiel (Billionaire Trump donor)

Director of the Office of Management and Budget:

Tom Coburn (Former Oklahoma Senator)

Director of the Environmental Protection Agency:

Myron Ebell (Lobbyist for Climate Change Deniers)

CIA Director:

Mike Pompeo (Congressman who was elected thanks to The Tea Party)

Domestic Policy Advisor

Ken Blackwell (Former Ohio Secretary of State)

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