Hidden Things in HIDDEN THINGS: A Behind-the-Scenes Podcast – Episode 1

One of the stretch goals of the Hidden Things audiobook kickstarter was something we called The Hidden Things in HIDDEN THINGS – a sort of “director’s commentary track” for the audiobook, in which I would share insights into the writing of the book and answer questions. It seemed like a fun, cool little thing to do.

It turned out to be a fun, cool, INCREDIBLY HUGE AND TIME CONSUMING thing to do, but I’m still very happy and grateful that we got to do it.

Every Friday, we’re going to post the HTIHT episodes that coincide with whatever audiobook episodes aired that week. You can subscribe to the HTIHT (“hit it”) podcast with your preferred podcast app right here.

HIiHT Cover
New HTiHT episodes every Friday.

But First, a Warning.

If you have not either read Hidden Things or already finished the audiobook, and you intend to do so, you should stop listening to this podcast RIGHT NOW, until you’ve finished the story. I absolutely guarantee this podcast will spoil the ending and quite a few interesting surprises along the way. If you don’t want that to happen to you, STOP NOW.

Also, if you prefer to think of your authors as all-knowing practitioners of their craft who always understand what’s going on or know why so-and-so did such-and-such, you should stop listening to this podcast RIGHT NOW. Some people prefer their Oz both great and terrible, and would not like to discover a flustered man hiding behind a curtain, pushing and pulling at buttons and levers to maintain an illusion.

This is little yappy dog of a podcast, dead set on pulling back that curtain.


You only get one warning, and that was it. Here we go.

Now, on to the Podcast!