9 Replies to “SHIELD/HYDRA image mashup for my fellow nerds”

  1. The "curvy wing" logo (from a comics perspective, at least) dates back to the late 60s (Sterenko era, I think). The straight-edged one is much more recent — it may be original to the MCU.

    Haven't yet heard a convincing explanation of why there are multiple SHIELD logos (http://shieldtv.net/the-many-logos-of-s-h-i-e-l-d) or what the pattern is in their use.

    There's also an odd mix of the logos on the SHIELD Wall of Valor (http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Wall_of_Valor?file=WallOfValor.jpg). Some date back to the SSR, but there are also a variety of SHIELD logos, which might indicate that they are also used for different branches of the org. Or maybe each employee got to choose which one they liked most.

  2. Don't get me wrong — I like the above — it has a reach-out-and-hail-someone look to it that's wonderfully intrusive. Maybe it can be the logo of Shyldra's data collection department.

  3. perfect :)

    What I really want to see is a coffee mug (yes, I know) with the normal SHIELD logo on it, where the tentacles fade in when the cup warms up. :)

    Or glow in the dark-only ink for the tentacles 'hidden' outside the circle, or something.

  4. +Doyce Testerman I was thinking just that thing earlier today — before I saw this, but something that transitioned from one to the other. Heh.

    I will say something — I am, all of a sudden, excited about the show. I have no doubt they can blow it, but here's hoping …

  5. You made a good point with the fact that the show had to take quite awhile setting up the status quo, and how that status quo isn't always as exciting.

    It was almost TOO good at getting us settled in.

    Sort of like how Season Two of Buffy is almost TOO good at making us 'kind of over it' about Buffy and Angel by the time he goes bad – I was ENTIRELY SICK of it by then.

  6. +Doyce Testerman If the plan was to have the first part of the season set up the status quo, I think they did a fine job of that. They just didn't do a fine job of keeping people enthused about sticking around for what happens after the status quo. :-P

  7. Wouldn't be the first time Joss & Co. took a concept (let's make this guy REALLY unlikable before we redeem him) and did it so well they actually overshot the target by a fair margin and lost or turned off viewers.

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