Discussion Topic: Independent Authors in Libraries?

Perhaps merely uninformed.

So yesterday’s post got picked up on Reddit, where a great conversation started up (say what you will about Reddit, it’s excellent for that). In that thread, someone asked:

For someone self-publishing, is there a contact or an organization that would be a good entry point for getting books into libraries? I’d much rather gift my book to any library that wanted it, than hope for the few with the budget to spare would allocate some to a new, independent author.

I just don’t know the answer. So I’m asking.

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  1. Many libraries have a gifting program. You can talk to a librarian and they will take a look at the book. If they don’t put it on the shelf, they may sell it for a dollar or two in their used books section (if they have one, not all do) or in their take a book leave a book.

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