Sprucing up the room no one ever sees…

So I redid my blog page this weekend, splitting my via-Twitter posts out into the sidebar (where they fit all nice and cozy) and putting the ‘big’ posts in the main column. I like the look of it a great deal, while at the same I smirk at the irony of redesigning a web page that almost no one ever sees.
Seriously, show of hands: does ANYONE read this from the page I linked to, and not from a news reader?

4 Replies to “Sprucing up the room no one ever sees…”

  1. I do when I have to comment on it. 99% of the reading, though, is done through Google Reader.
    It’s something I’ve certainly pondered about for my own blog (and how much effort I want to put into its design on the Spiffy New Platform), when I know the percentage is much the same for most of my readers.
    Thing is, I know some important readers who just use the blog (and my blogroll), so that settles that for the nonce.

  2. I get here from ***Dave’s place, umm, soo, yeah, I read it. So there, nyah!
    (My comments on a writer’s blog, never a great as it sounds in my head *sigh*)

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