Briefly… (20090202082251)

I like Boreanas in Bones much better than in Angel. The same is *not* true of Adam Baldwin in Chuck, vs. Firefly. Take that as a TV review.

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  1. I’ve not watched “Bones,” but I agree on Baldwin,in “Chuck” vs “Firefly”. But “Chuck” is much lighter and shallower (in its own way) than “Firefly,” and Casey is a much more constrained and uninteresting character — more of a plot device, usually, than a player — than Jayne was.

  2. There’s a scene in a Bones… this was just a few weeks ago. It’s the birthday celebration for Boreanas’ character, and he and ‘Bones’ are sitting outside the bar on a bench, sharing some birthday cake.
    Then Boreanas, very quietly, not looking at the other actor, says: “my old man drank.”
    And that’s where the scene and the episode ends. From the words to the delivery to the body language, it’s some of the best work I’ve ever seen him do.

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