Being at home

So, I think I like where I am with the blog and the blogging and such.
Yes, I’m still getting the feed from Adrift to sort itself out. (De, I couldn’t number them, but I could give them far less opaque titles – hope that helps.) Yes, there’s an awful lot of super-short via-Twitter posting going on. Yes, the newsfeed from the site is actually also picking up the gaming posts from my other blog. Sure. All that’s going on. Right now, what you’re getting from the site is a few longer screeds, in between which I pop out short little snippets of thought on random subjects, bits of story stuff that have nothing to do with anything else I’m talking about, and the occasional grand segue into a topic only I really care about.
Be honest, people: that’s pretty much how it is around me most of the time, right?
If the blog reflects that, then it’s close to doing what I want – much, much closer than it has been in the past. (Now if I only I could get the goddamned thing to accept posts from Flickr again.)
And you know what? I’m happy with everything that’s going on. Facebook and Twitter are giving me the community chatter I sometimes want (something that used to be a function of the blog comments section; now, not so much), and Adrift…
… I tell you, it’s just nice to be writing something just for the sake of writing it. It’s been awhile.
Feels good, all of it.
That’s all I had to say. Carry on.