Change and paint fumes in the air

Kate made the final big move to Colorado on Friday and, true to form, teared up a little bit when the Denver-based Frontier crew announced, upon landing, “Welcome to our home town.”
Why? Because now it’s her home town, too. She’s like that. It’s endearing.
Friday night, I thought I’d try making chicken quesadillas in a skillet. Never done that before (in a skillet or otherwise), but it actually worked out all right (and the dogs assure me they enjoyed the failed attempts).
Saturday involved many hours of running around town to pick up home office and home improvement supplies, followed by installation of same.
Sunday I ran another session of Matt Wilson’s Galactic rpg, which is currently an “ashcan” release — a stage of publication in the indie gaming industry whose closest corollary in fiction is the distribution of galley copies to reviewers. The clear winner in this comparison is the indie gaming market. The gathering was another solid, fun session, despite the fact that we were driven up to the main floor of the house by the primer fumes creeping from the home office remodel that Kate is working to complete before the moving truck arrives tomorrow.
This morning, I sat in the family room with KK and Kate, munching on cereal and watching an episode of Avatar with my two best girls before heading off to work.
It has been, all told, a good start to the Next Stage.

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  1. Glad that she has settled in and that all is well in the New Home Town. Welcome to the next stage.

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