Updates, and apologies for the dearth of posting

I’ve been under both the weather and a number of deadlines this week and the site — as the least-squeaky of any of my wheels — has suffered neglect.
Most of the Casa household is sick in some fashion or other, regardless of age or elevation on the evolutionary chain; dispensing the various medicine dosages every 12 hours takes a quarter hour assuming everyone’s cooperating. Most seems to be on the upswing, though.
Revision deadlines are coming up for Hidden Things: my agent’s posed a couple of questions about various characters and happenings in the story and asked that I sneak the answers into the text ‘somewhere’. I generally don’t enjoy revisions, but the questions are good, the answers are interesting, and the sneaking-in part is fun. I’m enjoying this particular process, and I like the way my agent sets out the task.

“I’d like to know more about what Walker… what he is, I guess.”
“The background, how he got that way?”
“Sure, that could be part of it.”
“Oh, well I was thinking [insert off-the-cuff exposition that could go on a few minutes, but is mercifully cut short].”
“Hmm. That’s interesting. You should see how that works and work it in… you know, somewhere. Or try something else. Whatever you think.”

She asks just enough to get my mind gnawing at the problem then releases it into wild and asks, politely, if it couldn’t go track it down. (As if by that point I could do anything but go after it.) Challenging and freeing at the same time.
Finally, still working on the new look for the site. I’ve muddled through about half the templates and pages that need muddling — with any luck I’ll have that wrapped up by the end of the month as well.