Forest … Trees… something like that.

So I’m being a typical neurotic writer in need of babysitting right now — I’m working on a third draft of Hidden Thingsight now — I’ve got an outline/list of things I need to add/tweak in the story, and I keep circling the end of the story with a frown on my face, because it does not make me happy. In the last couple days, it’s felt more like ‘circling the drain’ circling.
I had a burst of creative emotional energy on Tuesday and literally could not WAIT to get to my keyboard. Of couse, when I did get to my keyboard, the first thing I did was get caught up on a long weekend of work and personal emails, fiddled with some other online to-dos, and by the time I was done, I couldn’t even bring myself to open the document.
After beating myself up about it for awhile (and being wisely told to talk to Kate, a suggestion I shrugged away, because she’s got tons going on right now), I talked to Kate.
“Go read Teresa’s Writing Journey,” Kate said. “Now. Do it.”
So I went. I read.

Late winter is a bad time for me. I’d managed to hold off the doldrums with regular exercise, but we had a fierce cold snap and I just couldn’t do it. But for some reason, I just couldn’t figure out myself that my writing blahs were related.

So imagine me slapping my forehead. Hard. Back in South Dakota, I used to have a Regular February Flipout — toward the end of the month, every year, I’d just get so worn thin and worn out and wound tight that I just spun out. I attribute a lot of this to the lack of sunlight in winter months up there, and I rarely if ever experience it here in Colorado, with all its warmth and sun, but…
… cold snap.
… lots of snow.
… few group activities.
… exercise in the last two months that I can count on one hand.
… reading more online journals than offline fiction.
Right. Duh.
So… I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to go outside, walk somewhere (anywhere!) for lunch. Tonight, I’m going to the gym.

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  1. Heh.
    What I need to do is get back to dance classes — scheduling problems with the first two weeks of the month and general blahs this week has lead to me skipping class for the last month. :P

  2. Go eat tuna sushi — it does whatever it’s supposed to do with your seratonin, I forget what — and have lots of rice and fresh vegetables with it. Prepare for spring :)

  3. Full spectrum lighting – look it up. It mimics outside full light without the glare of florencents. We use it a lot in our work building cause we are in the basement. But lots of people swear by it who get the winter blahs. It is like getting blasted in the face with sunlight without the fear of sun damage and skin cancer.

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