Haven’t done one of these in a while…

one word.

I hurled the net against the far wall. “This is stupid, we’re never gonna catch the damn thing.”
“Don’t –”
“Stop,” I said, dropping into a chair. “Forget it. We fed it, and it’s after midnight. We’re screwed.”

5 Replies to “Haven’t done one of these in a while…”

  1. So…like I was at this party where they had like tasty shrimp and Bahama Mamas….and like Dude…before you know it I was in the shower and I just had to hurl….Tasty shrimp are soooo not tasty after that…

  2. I hate being sick. Hate huddling over the toilet bowl, puking my guts out, freezing cold because the window’s open, and otherwise I have to deal with the stink of my own sick, which just makes me more sick. It’s a cruel cycle. Almost not worth drinking sometimes. And yet…
    (I didn’t know you had to use the word, I just went off on a free-association thing. I do that.)

  3. The ancient Babylonians had a religious ceremony to celebrate the New Year that is largely unrecorded by history. It involved the hurling of a llama from the top of their great sky temples. The greatest warriors were reknowned for their ability to send the llama flying all the way down the steps of their ziggurauts to the hungry crowds below.

  4. PS. That is a fun little thing. Though instead of making up something entirely random I kind of wish I’d thought of the “Defenstration of Prague” first and written a short factual little blip.

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