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  1. Keven Smith said it was as good as Empire, so I might has to go for a weekend matinee.

  2. Zero suprises? I was a little suprised at how hard core you have to be to go Dark Side. I mean, Anakin had to have like 400 Dark Side points before his eyes went yellow – ie Admin run. He whacks all those…and theres still a chance at redemption with Obi Wan, at least for a bit.

  3. I suppose that whole ‘incredibly easy to go to the Dark Side’ comes from watching Luke, cuz it seems like he’s teetering at the abyss for crap like shoving a couple of Jabba’s guards around — hell, that’s probably a trick he learned from *Yoda*.
    Comparing Luke to Anakin?… Luke’s a piker when it comes to evil-teetering.
    “You’re Evil-Lite. You’re the Diet Coke of evil. ‘Just one calorie.’ Not. Evil. Enough.”

  4. I fear I saw the drastic change needed as more of a sign of Lucas’s inability to represent anything except good-to-the-point-of-pain (both Obi-Wan and Mace Windu are hesitant to act decisively even when facing unquestionable evil, though with OWK it’s understandable) and child-murdering-evil.
    Thinking about the film, I’m coming to realze that was EI-III lacked that EIV-VI had is a “human” focus character, a non-epic character with whom we can relate more than with the demi-gods of good and evil. Well, EI had such a character, but Jar-Jar was too outrageously silly to serve nearly as well in the role as Han Solo did in EIV-EVI, and was dropped all but completely from EII and EIII. Also, C3PO and R2-D2, who were also “human focus” in the original trilogy (as their inspiration characters were in “The Hidden Fortress”) were reduced to near-cameos in EI-III.

  5. Since it was all about the visuals I saw it on IMAX. Well worth the nine bucks. Beautiful.
    Arrived half an hour early for the 4pm Friday showing and got a good seat. Barely. The line for the next showing was humongous.
    There was one minor surprise/retcon but it’s a spoiler.

  6. Re: KS — ” Look, this is a movie I was genetically predisposed to love.”
    That explains a lot.

  7. Well, It started off badly, but it picked up really well after that. Not as good as EP IV, or EP I…but not the great sucking death of EP’s I,II, and VI.
    The things that I did love were the little things. The correllian white hallways, Young Grand Mot Toff, the tiny Mellienium Falcon landing at Correscent. It was the little things that I liked more then the overall movie.
    Sad thing is that it makes me want to be in a HQ SW game.

  8. Trailer Review:
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith – could be very good.
    Batman Begins – looks worse then the first trailer.
    Longest yard – adam sandler
    F4 – Looks *better* then the first trailer. They have the human torch down.
    Stealth – looks. so. very. bad.

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