Show-defining quote

“Want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I.”
   — Veronica Mars
(Link is spoileriffic if you haven’t seen any episodes, but if you need validation from the LA Weekly to check a new show out, well…)

5 Replies to “Show-defining quote”

  1. Really, that is one of the reason’s I’m still worried about Lost and Alias
    [ducking behind Dave]

  2. *rises above the bait*
    It’s something Margie would like, I think — it’s got a lot of fun detective stuff-with-a-twist going on: usually a pretty straightforward case that has a serious “Whaaaaaa?” moment in the middle somewhere :)
    And Lost got picked up for the full season, so there :)

  3. I accidentally saw the premiere of this show when I was on an unexpected business trip to San Francisco. I rather enjoyed it.
    If I had a television, I might watch it, but I’ve been off television since the beginning of 2003 and I couldn’t be arsed to sit myself in front of the tube on a regular basis.
    I’ll wait for the DVD.

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