‘Serenity’ book

The novelization of the movie will be out April 1 2005, three weeks before the movie is released.
I might end up picking it up just so I don’t have to guess at the spelling of names and whatnot while adding things to the wiki.

2 Replies to “‘Serenity’ book”

  1. Gah!
    What sort of bizarro-world marketing strategy is that? Gah!
    Now I won’t be able to be online for three weeks before the movie …

  2. Actually, I remember when Star Wars came out that the novelization was out at least two weeks before the film… because I’d stumbled into it at the local grocery store book rack and, because I was sick that week, had read it twice, all the time wondering how I’d missed this “hit movie” (as the cover proclaimed).
    In fact, if memory serves, the first issue of the comic book was out a couple of days before the movie as well.
    Not that I don’t think this is a bad strategy for a secrets-laden story like Serenity…

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