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  1. This Ep, convinced me even more about John’s point from last week that Locke has indeed made a deal with some or something on the Island (some hot Mira Furlan love I hope). His masterful redirecting of Sayid was fantastic. Worthy of an Amber player.
    Sun continues to be great at quitely stealing the scenes. Is it just me, or does anybody else find it odd that nobody have even tried basic “I tarzan, you Jane” level communication to try and figure out their names.
    I want more things stabbing Sawyer! Plus I just love that they excepted his story without verifying it (the book was very much not water logged). They should have been getting him to give up his stash. It was also odd that nobody else is willing to stand up Sawyer. It would have been cool if somebody had told him “no inhalers…no water dude”.

  2. Locke- *Flashbacks of Fineas pointing Jacob at the Griffin gal*.
    I would’ve let Sawyer bleed out. Cut him up for fishbait and put him to good use.
    Sun just doesn’t do it for me that much. Too quiet I guess.

  3. We skipped over the commercials, due to watching it on Thursday off the Replay.
    And Boulder Dude – very, very true about Locke. He was very purposeful in his misdirection with Sayid. I think Locke did it, myself (the whacking of Sayid).
    Doyce, you reading Cleolinda’s recaps?

  4. Hmm… I read the ones from a couple weeks ago, because people kept calling and interrupting the viewing of the show, but I didn’t do that with this one. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Also, I have to say I thought Locke’s redirection on Sayid was… let’s say… heavy-handed.
    Effective? Yes? “Masterful?” Eh.

  6. Julia:
    I still think it was the french lady that whacked Sayid. Plus it seems to me that Locke is the only one that understands what is going on and is more then willing to use that for his benefit.
    I’m starting to see the monster like it is a nightmare. Your reaction to it defines it’s reation to you. I think that Locke met this “Test”, and is no longer afraid of the island and has imbraced it. I also think that in one of his off screen wonderings that Locke has met the French Woman, and is now in league with her.
    Masterful in the way that he know that Sawyer and Sayid hate each other. He knows that Sayid has some sort of backgroung in intel. Point Sayid at Sawyer and sit back and see what happens. Also, the slow fuse thing. Say somebody knows that it is really easy to make a slow fuse (stalag 13 comes to mind). Saying something like that and couching it in the “anyone who watches TV” knows this speil played wonderfully into Sayid’s knowledge base because he would already be thinking that and having Locke’s confirmation would be all it took to seel the deal.
    The outcome from Locke’s point of view would be for the most part win-win. It keeps Sayid and Sawyer at each others throats. If one of them had killed the other, still good. Plus it keeps Sayid from finding the French woman. The unplanned sayid walk-about can be dealt with in next weeks ep.

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