Lost cameo fun

Very weird and very cool with the Mira Furlan guest shot on Lost last night, and every indication she’ll back to provide more CRAZY in later episodes. Took me forever to figure out who she was, partly because I didn’t recognize her without the weird Delenn banana-clip-looking shell-thing attached to her head, and partly because I was having an inner-brain argument about whether or not it was a really skinnified Lena Olin, because the accents are kind of similar.

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  1. I knew it was Mira because I was watching the guest-star listing (plus had read about her guesting an episode way back during the pt2 pilot).;->
    Yet another great ep. Still don’t know anything about “the others” or “Alex”, other then she is the mother of Alex (nice use of a gender neutral name, a lot like Dylan;->). And I loved that after accusing Danielle of being “Crazy”, he started to hear voices on the way back to the others, and of course the warning. It has me wondering about what Clair’s live/dead/live baby is going to turn out to be.
    Still hate Sawyer.
    Go hurly!
    Locke as uber-father figure! Here kid, play with one of my 400 knives!
    Bad Michael, ignoring/forgetting about the kid.
    Grrr. Have to wait two weeks for the next one.

  2. Sawyer’s like a fungus — he grows on you — and I like that he’s very very cynical and sees the worst in people, because they usually sink to meet his expectations.
    Locke is a messed-up dude — who packs that many knives?
    BAD Michael — when you ask the kid “do you wanna play?” and the kid says “nah, there are other people waiting” and then someone says “Hey Michael, it’s your turn.” then YOU GIVE THE KID YOUR TURN, not “I’ll go have fun now, OKBYE.” I know he hasn’t had much time with the Dad thing, but DAMN.
    Hurley rocks. Gotta wonder if they’ve actually got a whole weight-loss thing set up in his contract or something.

  3. Yes…
    The Golf thing with Micheal. I was sitting there and saying out “DUuuude!?! give the kid your f’ing turn.”
    If they had a weight loss contract thing going for Jorge Garcia that would probably be good for everyone involved. I wonder if they made him “Bulk” up so that he could get himself back to his normal weight by the end of the season. So far they have done a good job on the whole beard growth continuity thing.
    I also like that they are doing a good job of who-knows-what like with the polar bear info.
    So, I wonder who is going to be “diseased” first, or has somebody already been “infected”.

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