The door finally opens

Last weekend, I handed Jackie a couple of books full of stories I thought she’d probably like: great sense of humor, a touch of sarcasm, a strong lead female character, well-drawn interactions and secondaries.
I wasn’t wrong — Jackie laughed, snerked, smiled, and “ohmygodI’vesaidexactlythat”ed all the way through the first book, moved right into the second book with no prompting from me, and asked after the upcoming third book as soon as she was done.
Not that remarkable, all in all — I’ve picked out books to loan Jackie before and been right.
Except, these were Courtney Crumrin books, ladies and gents; specifically this one and this one.
Graphic novels. Finally.
Took me ten years, but finally.
Part of me immediately wants to ride the “well, you’ve already read that, so try this one” bandwagon in with things like Midnight Nation and Strangers in Paradise, but I recognize that it’s important not to make any loud noises or sudden movements — they’re easy to spook at this stage.

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    Firefox wants stuff to be coded right — I wanna be lazy… obviously, that’s a Firefox issue. :)

  2. Also, I still haven’t figured out what to do with inlining a picture and have it *not* do that :P
    See? I have Laziness and Ignorance on my side, while Firefox just as “Doing it Correctly”. I win, right?

  3. Huh. Obviously I have it figured out (see my page). You’re welcome to review my code (which works in both IE and FF), since I have no idea what I did.

  4. Read them both last night. Lots of fun and a great main character.
    The cats were fun as well.
    Courtney’s lack of nose is sometimes disturbing in profile though.

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