Oh what the heck, might as well link it…

Angel, No Limits – Virtual Season 6 — kinda cool. A “virtual” season 6 of Angel.
I was surprised at the level of writing in the first episode; at least in the first half or so (as far as I’ve read), the characters and story are well-written with a good feel for speech patterns and character motivation.
What sets this apart from typical is (IMO) that it’s actually been organized, with a team of writers who plot story arcs in advance and work with each other (they even have a “spoiler”‘ site, which is deeply funny to me), almost as though the show was actually being filmed. (And the first writer, at least, has quite a bit of talent.)
Anyhow, I have no clue how well it will continue to shape up, and i’ve never been much of a fan-fic fan, but this might be worth checking out from time to time.

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  1. Glad to hear you liked ep 6.1! Just to let you know, the writer for this episode has executive creative control and final editing on everything we put out for Virtual Season Six, plus she hand-picked the other writers for their fabulousness. Here’s hoping you continue to enjoy our ‘little’ project!
    SWS, Head Research Monkey

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