Genius Marketing

Missed the BNL Concert at Red Rocks, or maybe one in your own area of the country?
Want to hear the concert anyway? No problem, you can download it here.

Welcome to the BNL bootleg site! We want everyone to have access to as much BNL material as possible, so now we are recording shows from Barenaked Ladies concerts for you to download as Mp3’s or to purchase as CD’s. All download files can be burned to disc, played on your computer or transferred to portable players or played on your stereos. Each show also comes with printable artwork!
This is where you can come to download live Ladies’ shows within a few days of the concert or purchase CD’s.

You can even buy a download coupon at the show… I saw the sign when I was there.
This strikes me as absolutely brilliant. I love BNL, I love them in concert, and this lets me have as many BNL albums as I could ever possibly want.
Do any other bands do this? If so, who? If not, why?

2 Replies to “Genius Marketing”

  1. It’s exactly what Pearl Jam has been doing at their concerts for years. Concerts are recorded and sold as bootlegs within a day or two of the concert.
    It’s pretty cool. Go to concert. Go home and buy the bootleg. Relive the concert over and over again.
    And for something as fun as a BNL show, it would be well worth it.

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