How much is short-notice air-fare?

Serenity News

For those of you in the San Diego area this weekend, Joss will make an appearance at Comic-Con this coming Sunday with the entire cast of the show:
What: Joss Whedon/SERENITY panel
When: Sunday July 25th, 1-2pm
Where: Room 20
Who: Joss, Nathan, Gina, Adam, Summer, Jewel, Ron, Alan, Sean, Morena
They will also be screening the first footage from SERENITY shown anywhere! The panel will be followed by a signing session, where there will be give-aways for those interested.

I could fucking weep, sweartagawd.

4 Replies to “How much is short-notice air-fare?”

  1. Aw, man …
    I used to make all the JMS B5 panels. Wish to God I was out there this year. Except you’d have to kill me, of course.

  2. On the other hand, I’m sure Mary would put you up for the night, so your hotel space would be covered. That’s evidently the killer this year — between SDCC and some major tennis tourney, rooms can’t be had for less than mid-3-figures a night. Yeesh.

  3. Yeah it is bad when the closest available hotel is in Tijuana, irregardless of price.

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