Last Stand for the Buffyverse

Suddenly it was sundown for five men. Suddenly their day was over. Suddenly the sky was bathed in blood. Five men who came too late and stayed too long… Unchanged men in a changing land. Out of step, out of place and desperately out of time.”

The Wild Bunch by Sam Peckinpah

Tonight’s the night, folks. This is where Joss finally gets his chance to end Angel like the Wild Bunch (something he’s mentioned before). In fact, he’s already started…

“We won’t survive this, and I won’t make any of you do it – it’s your choice. But I want to make [our friend’s] death mean something. Our lives mean something. We won’t be able to take them all out, but we can take out a few. Who’s with me?”

Which was that from? Last week’s Angel or the Wild Bunch? The answer, basically, is “both”.
Tune in. See how it ends. Should be a hell of an ending to a wild ride.

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