Hellboy, the nightmare

Hellboy: How bad could it have been?
Here’s how bad:

“An executive said to me, ‘What about a regular actor who gets angry and turns into Hellboy?’ ” said del Toro, wrinkling his face in disgust. “I go, ‘That’s … not … very good.
“Then they would say, ‘What if you call him Hellboy and he comes from Hell and all that, but he looks like a guy?’ Then they would suggest things like, ‘Can he have a Hellmobile?’ ‘Can he have a dog? A pet dog that comes from hell and is red?’

Man did they dodge bullets on this thing to get it made.

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  1. Wow. The studio execs had trouble with Ron Perlman?! I’ve loved Ron Perlman since “City of Lost Children.” I loved him in “The Last Supper”… He always seemed like a really great actor. He’s got such a neat face. I’ve definitely gotta go see “Hellboy.”

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