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  1. -please- fix the links on your homepage to reflect the new DNS, if that’s what the problem is. Otherwise, this is a VERY nice resource. Thanks for collecting all this info. =)

  2. Most page histories give the following error.

    lib/WikiDB.php (In template 'browse')
    (In template 'body') (In template 'html'):787: Fatal[0]:
    <br />/home/doyce/public_html/wiki/lib/WikiDB.php:787: :
    Assertion failed <br />

    An error also occurs when saving, though trying again seems to work.

  3. Yep. This is a problem that I’ve run into with PHPWiki — it all comes down to the fact that running the wiki on a flatfile database versus an SQL database means that these errors are generated because the processes basically ‘time out’.
    Sort of — the weird thing is that when you get those errors during a save, the page still saves (which is a good thing), but doesn’t look like it did (which is a bad thing).
    There isn’t a good fix for it.
    I’m in the process of switching the whole Wiki over to a different codebase (PMWiki), which offers a whole BUNCH of cool functions and, better yet, doesn’t throw up these goofy errors. It should be a huge improvement.

  4. For the Blue Sun logo, I was wondering what font you used for the letters, and why you used lan instead of qing. Qing is the character from Jayne’s shirt in Bushwacked–is it lan somewhere else? Thanks for your time.

  5. Ally,
    The image is (actually, was, long ago) taken directly off the old Fox Firefly website — they ‘gave it away’ to promote the show — that means, unfornately, that I can’t answer the questions directly.
    That said, if you find a better or more accurate image, I’d love to add it to the site.

  6. Just thought you would want to know something for your collection of River quotes. When she speaks Chinese to Mal in “Safe,” what she says translates to ‘stupid drooling son of a harlot and a monkey.’

  7. Go Wiki! I visited and found the home page vandalized… and with just a click of the ‘restore’ link was able to put it back. Very nice!

  8. And THANK YOU for doing it! I was out of town for a few days on vacation and came back to find the great Firefly fans were taking care of things while I was gone. You Rock!

  9. Two Questions, 1, Can’t find anything about Reevers, is there anything ? 2, Are you doing Link exchanges ?

  10. Two Questions, 1, Can’t find anything about Reevers, is there anything ? 2, Are you doing Link exchanges ?

  11. Doyce, I’m rewatching the episodes with Anne, who is seeing them for the first time. But I’m also taking notes, as I’m going to be playing Mal in a RP on LJ sometime soon. Are you interested in having a section on the wiki pages for unanswered questions or tidbits of information revealed about the characters in each episode? I’m kind of thinking like the B5 Lurker’s Guide, but nothing near as expansive.
    For example, Mal knows how to dance the formal dance in “Shindig,” but it’s not likely something he picked up on a ranch. Or is it? And who is Captain Harbatkin, the name on Serenity’s papers?
    Let me know, I can share my notes or figure out how to update the wiki myself.

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