100th thoughts

I’ll let you in on a little secret.
A few years back, when the Fifth season of Buffy was running against the Second season of Angel, I liked Angel better. I think that was true for a couple years, in fact… I liked Angel better.
Sometimes a lot better.
I think the reason was Cordelia. She was really the heart of the group and the folks that have stepped up into the main cast after Carpenter left… have not filled her designer shoes, to put it mildly.
So last night, Angel’s 100th episode, was very bittersweet for me — Cordy took me back to a time when the group really popped: it wasn’t just Angel she got back on track, it was everyone — Gunn was spoiling for a fight, Wesley was making with the Mojo, Fred was making with the eyes for Wesley, and everything was simple; all the employees were gone, leaving Team Angel together again for the first time.
It was right.
I hope the character’s are allowed to realize that.
(And I hope Charisma Carpenter’s interview in TVGuide prompts someone to write a Wonder Woman movie for her. Kick ass.)
Kudos to David Fury, who’s never written or directed an episode on Angel (but did a number of great things on Buffy) and came in to do both in one great episode that really captured the essence of the show — you have to really know the whole show to be able to do that episode, and he pulled it off really well.

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  1. And that’s just what I was going to do…
    Thanks for the Warning.
    Lets just say that it was great to have season 1-3 Cordy back. And yes it did feel right and good. I’m interested in seeing how this all plays out now that everybody got some insight in how they should be working within the system.

  2. Indeed. I’ve been, um, less than faithful in watching the show, for a variety of reasons. Since it happened to be on when I was in the hotel last night, I watched it.
    And, yeah, it connected just like in the Old Days. My only concern was that, at the end, they were going to do a guest star cop out before — WHAM!
    Heh. Yeah, good stuff.

  3. As someone who never got past the middle of Season 2 for Buffy and never watched Angel and hasn’t started watching Firefly yet…
    What was this about Wonder Woman, TV Guide, and Charisma Carpenter?

  4. TVGuide interview with Charisma is here: http://www.tvguide.com/news/insider/040205a.asp — Warning: VERY SPOILERY for the last episode.
    Her WW comment isn’t, though:
    TVGO: What are your plans?
    Carpenter: Well, I can tell you what my goals are. I have a son now, so I want the half-hour sitcom lifestyle, where you can have a family and work. And then, during summer hiatus, I’d like to do a Kill Bill or Wonder Woman or some movie like that.
    TVGO: Wait, you want to do the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie?
    Carpenter: I am actively putting it out there that I want to do Lynda Carter. It’s my mission to be Wonder Woman! My agent hasn’t seen a script, but some studio needs to do it. She’s beautiful, she fights, and I like the concept of an empowerment role. I’ve always been so passive on Angel, where they usually wouldn’t let Cordelia do martial arts stunts. Charisma wants to kick ass and bust heads!
    To which I says: hell yeah.

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