The day in Movies

What I did today:

  • Football game: Justin’s team won the league. Division finals are next week.
  • 3.5 at the gym, mixed.
  • School of Rock with Justin while Jackie was planning a trip to Paris with some friends from work.
    • Jack Black is tons of fun, and the band member kids were tremendously talented. We both enjoyed it a lot.
  • Kill Bill, vol. 1 with Jackie.
    • Take every samurai film ever made, every high-pressure blood-spray anime, most of the ’60’s movies involving a gun and a soundtrack with trumpets in it.
    • Compress the whole thing under high pressure in Taratino’s head for eight years.
    • Kill Bill is what then comes out of his body when you cut him — a spray of viscera and brillance that hits you in the face like a fire hose. It’s not even a story — it’s a vector through which Tarantino can just be Tarantino. Mind-blowing.
  • Got home and read Randy’s shorter summation: “Excellent. Not for kids.”

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  1. It sounds like Kill Bill’s pretty good…god I hope it’s better than the awful trailer suggests. I was planning to give it a miss based on the trailer, but after hearing everyone rave about it I might just see it after all.

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