Repeating itself

So I was digging through my videotapes tonight, and I was reminded of a really good show I liked a lot.
Doomed, though.
See, it was a genre show. Great acting, really good cinematography, a concept that hadn’t really been done before, and a lot of really talented, dedicated people working on it.
But it aired on Fox. They put it in a crappy time slot and, get this, aired the episodes out of order — ruined the continuity of the thing. Show only aired about thirteen episodes before Fox cancelled it.
Firefly? Nah. Brimstone.

2 Replies to “Repeating itself”

  1. Ooooh, Brimstone. I loved that show. Sci-Fi would occasionally go on a Brimstone marathon run and show all of the episodes on Friday night. Great fun there.

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