Neil Gaiman’s doing a miniseries for DC Marvel (?!?) called 1602. No one really knows what it’s about. (Gaiman’s reply to this question is “about 140 pages”.)
Also, he’s got a new Sandman thing coming out — seven stories, each with a different artist — called Endless Nights.

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  1. Marvel. Neil doing a series for DC (which, in fact, he is also doing and has done a lot of in the past) would probably earn a couple fewer raised eyebrows.

  2. I stand corrected. I wasn’t looking at the website as I wrote it up, and my brain said “Well, you haven’t checked, but it has to be DC doesn’t it? Of course it does. Keep typing.”

  3. I’ve got Endless Nights on order.
    Gaiman at Marvel. Will wonders never cease?
    (JMS has a series, Supreme Power, at Marvel starting the same month)
    Actually what’s as much fun is reading the comment boards at the wild speculations …

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