Matrix 2 Review

The guy bitching on aintitcoolnews about this movie was…
Well, really wrong. Wrong enough that I almost wonder if he wasn’t being wrong on purpose to throw people off. The only other explanation is that he just didn’t get it.
This is a fun movie, it’s got some great ideas in it, and it really… well, it’s not afraid to change the rules. Good stuff. I entirely enjoyed it.
There was one silly comment of his that stuck with me though, and it colored one of the scenes in the movie in a funny way.
The following is not a spoiler in any plot sense, but if you don’t want to know ANYTHING AT ALL about ANY scene that hasn’t been in a trailer, don’t read on.

[Hey Lori, how yah doin’? :)]
Okay, there’s a scene in Zion where everyone’s sort of dancing.
You’ve seen the original movie — thus, you know how everyone dresses in the real world. Now, knowing that, and picturing a dance scene, imagine the whole scene set not to the thumping dance beat that the soundtrack provided, but to the background music from those “Cotton” TV commercials…
…cuz that’s what I was doing.
“The touch… the feellllll, of Cottonnnnn….”
Did not help with my suspension of disbelief :)

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  1. I’m glad that I didn’t have that problem.
    Oh and…Tell a blond not to look and…You really should know better Doyce.
    As for me I was having Cry Havoc flash backs during the big Zion scene.
    hmmm…so where is Jacob
    And I love the direction that the plot is going now. It is almost like they have a really good Gamer helping them with the plot (not at all like X-2).
    “ok…Doyce, Randy, and Rey…you guys come up with an overall long arc plot. And you Stan, John, and Jackie punch as many holes in it as you can. And all of you should try and come up with some evil plot stuff along the way”

  2. Excuse me!!!! He didn’t specifically say for me not to look!!!!!
    Wanna know what happens in the series finale of Buffy?? heh He just know I’m a spoiler geek.

  3. My review (spoiler free)
    Cool intro.
    slow plot/character development.
    cool fight.
    Cool Agent Smith thing.
    Plot Development.
    Character Development.
    Tantric Love Fest.
    Character Development.
    Important Plot Development.
    Really bitch’n Fight.
    Plot Development.
    Annoying french guy, hot chick, Bitch’n fight, car chase/bitch’n fight (phew)
    Plot Development.
    Just plain cool.
    Even cooler then the last cool thing.
    and a great ending.

  4. Yes…
    Lori I to am a spoiler geek. and have already read two of the supposed finals.
    Wasn’t it cool when Giles, Andrew, Robin, Xander, and Amanda did…well you know”

  5. Yes!
    He was right up there with Yanic Truesdale.
    (Michel for all of those out there that watch the Gilmore Girls)

  6. I was at the ten o’clock show. :)
    The flick was dark and exciting and (dare I blaspheme?) sort of Empire-esque.

  7. YANIC TRUESDALE?! Michel’s real name is Yanic Truesdale? Give that man an Emmy.

  8. Am SO glad I did not read onward before I saw the film. I would have been giggling throughout the entire scene.
    Now I’ll just be doing that the next time I see it.

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