Firefly stuff

From Sci Fi Wire

Meanwhile, Fillion (who played Capt. Mal Reynolds) said that he is completing audio commentaries for the complete DVD set of the Fox series’ 15 produced episodes, including three that never aired. “I just finished commentary with Alan Tudyk [Wash] on ‘War Stories,’ an episode where he and I got tortured… and then, Monday, I go in to do audio commentary with Joss Whedon for ‘Serenity,’ the two-hour pilot.”
The DVD will also include on-camera interviews and maybe even some of Fillion’s own behind-the-scenes home video and photos.

He also mentions stuff about a Firefly movie directed and written by Joss, and some of the stuff that’s on the DVD.

Related Whedonesque news: Buffy Season 4 DVD is out June 10th.

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  1. I’m so excited to get season 4 on DVD only because of Hush…otherwise, I hate everything about Riley and The Initiative. *grin*

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