5 Replies to “Something tells me…”

  1. Alas, probably not.
    I posted some commentary on my pop culture blog (finally, I posted there again!).
    Thoughts on Connor’s actions?

  2. Conner…Just enough brains to run a cat.
    Conner needs to die in a painful Jar-Jar Binks kinda way! With Multiple angles and in slow-mo so that I can really enjoy it!
    To bad about skip though. And Gina really looked good!

  3. Connor: maybe Jar-Jar’s actual fate would do. Forced into a diplomatic gofer post where he’s completely out of his depth but always has to dress in uncomfortable court clothes. In the Demon UN dimension or something.
    Skip: My first thought was that Wesley gets to do all the cool stuff. Then I remembered that Wesley’s been communing with his dead, evil girlfriend while Gunn was introducing Gwen Raiden to touching and sex.

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