Very interesting article

Regards the swatting of Firefly.

Some of you may think this is only in my imagination; and to be sure, I do not imagine that Joss Whedon has sat down and thought about the rule of honor as I have, or would even support or espouse it, as I do, other than as a fictional device for the development of one of his characters. And yet there it is; consciously or not, it is in there, and it underlies every single thing that Reynolds does. Honor is his roadmap in life, his way of finding his way through the wilderness. It says to him at every turn: This thing I can do and live with myself; this thing I can’t.

I don’t know that I agree with everything the guy writes, but he’s got some excellent points about the show, the American Television machine, and even about how history is being rewritten as an ongoing exercise.

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  1. Man, he is bitter…
    I don’t think he’s right on the “Southern” stuff, though. I think the “rule of honor” is an idea exported from the South to the West, and the fact that Mal espouses it doesn’t make him any more Southern than it makes him Western. And I’d say the setting was not “the South after the Civil War”, but more “the West after the Civil War.” Bein’ out on the outskirts, and all…

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