5 Replies to “Possible Buffy change”

  1. Faith, eh? Hmmm… Personally I loved the idea of Dawnie becoming the new slayer. And I think she did too. Maybe this will keep that tension up there. Hmmm… a repeat of Xander and Faith? What would Anya think? Oh, the possibilities for stories are endless!

  2. Gaah! Spoiled! I’ve been spoiled!
    Oh, wait, someone else already spoiled me. Nevermind. As long as wardrobe buys her a hell of a lot of leather pants, I’m a happy camper.

  3. I guess that would depend on who many think that they have careers outside of the Buffy-verse.

  4. Marsters has said he’s willing to do another season. But this is all speculation. If you read the article carefully, it’s not been founded by anyone at ME. *sighs* As much as I’d love to see a Faith show, I’m not getting my hopes up.

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