Crappy morning.
Threw two guys out of one of the adult league soccer games today. (Indoor soccer on a roller hockey rink? Sockey?) Called the rec league coordinator afterwards and resigned. I do not need that kind of stress.
Superbowl today. I’ve always liked Tampa and I only ever liked the Raiders because of Gruden, so you can see that my eggs are all in one basket.
National odds on the game say Oakland over Tampa 42-9? I think not. Let’s sayyyy… 24-17, Tampa.
See, when the #1 Defense (Tampa) meets the #1 Offense (Oakland), one of them is going to make the other look like they don’t deserve the title. My money* is on Tampa.

* — Not actual money.

4 Replies to “Foo’baw”

  1. Pity, since it sounds like you are exactly the sort of ref they need. But I can definitely understand wanting to minimize stressors.

  2. I think I was overly kind to Oakland in my prediction. Boo-yah.
    It’s possible this could be 42-9 the OTHER direction from the national predictions.

  3. As for Dave’s comment, I have to say that there just isn’t anything good there for me. I might go to the gym and do nothing but run and listen to music and be in a good mood afterwards. I do this ref thing and I feel like crap for hours afterwards. I wonder why people are calling my house and hanging up — I wonder how many of the comments I hear from the angry players are things I have to worry about.
    Give me the kids’ games anyday.

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