“Oh my, you’re in a great deal of danger, my dear.”

Started and finished Coraline today, which I really cannot recommend enough and which I’ll more than happily lend to people (or gift them for upcoming birthdays). I enjoy Neil Gaiman more and more with each new thing of his that I read (although Neverwhere is still my favorite, I think).
Justin listened to me moan at the creepifying wiggins and laugh out loud all through the reading of it today (I would have read it out loud but my voice is absolutely GONE right now), and immediately grabbed it and ran off with it when I finished.
My duty here is done.

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  1. We slept in this morning until about eleven. When I got up, Justin was reading Coraline and had been since nine. He’s about halfway through the book already. Never seen him read anything so voraciously.

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