Thanks, Lori and Stephanie

Buffy/ Haunted will be rebroadcast on Saturday 10/12/02 from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Denver area (where some moron at the UPN repeater spilled a jar of mayonnaise on an important keyboard or something during the broadcast).

4 Replies to “Thanks, Lori and Stephanie”

  1. No problem. Figured you’d be going through withdrawls like we were…..grrrrrr….
    Although we did get in a couple of games of Lunch Money! :)

  2. What did they do? Come on with commercials that said:
    Due to some moron spilling a jar of mayonnaise on our repeater, UPN is bringing you Buffy this Saturday at 7, followed by Haunted at 8! We’re not showing Birds of Prey ever again.

  3. Ugh. Tentacle Files Flashbacks.
    “THAT’s not MAYONNAISE.”
    (“Captain Hungry: It’s Calamari Time!”)

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