Shopping Therapy

Per usual, I reacted to money stress (refinancing the house, which seems to be *knock wood* going fine) by going out and buying something I didn’t actually need and could barely justify — Belkin’s G700 PDA Keyboard for Palm m125, m130, m500, i705.
Initially I was pleased by the keyboard itself but let down because it seemed to go into a sleep mode if I stopped typing for more than about five seconds — I had to take the palm off the keyboard, cycle power and reconnect it to get it going again. Could have been a deal-breaker — and a real bummer.
Update: it’s a known issue interfacing with some models — easily and quickly fixed with a 48.5k download.
Surprise, surprise: there’s even a place to plug my sync-cradle’s power cord into the keyboard to let the Palm stay charged while I type. I can write nearly anywhere without relying on my crappy handwriting. Sweet.
Question: What’s the last thing you bought just to cheer yourself up, or do you not do that.

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  1. Everybody does that…or they should at any rate.
    My recent feel-good purchases (note the plural) were a very large mica bonsai pot (so we may start training the roots of our Wisteria O’Death) and an American flag Zippo for my husband. I just love giving presents when it’s not a holiday.

  2. Hmmm, I don’t buy feel good stuff, I do impulse buys. And I try to keep them within reason. Usually its stuff like books or dolls to add to my collection or some DVD.
    Or of course if there’s something I see that I absolutely have to get for Dave G……. :)

  3. Usually feel-good buys are for someone else. I guess it just brightens my day to brighten someone else’s. On the rare occasion that it is for me, I’ll indulge myself with flowers or jewelry. Nothing to extravagant, mind you… $20 goes a long way.

  4. I try not to, because I spend too much when I do that.
    Lou is now salivating over CompUSA’s current promotion of no cash down, no payments for 18-months on all computers, including Apple. If he had a bad day, I might buy him a TiBook.
    See what I mean?

  5. I’ve discovered that just the act of shopping, not even buying anything, is sometimes enough to make me happy. Or at least I tell my broke-ass that.

  6. Coincidentally enough, the day I got a call from you about Palm keyboards was the first day in several months that I’d actually used mine (writing on the plane).
    The Palm (manufacturer) keyboard for my Palm Vx doesn’t have a plug for charging it, but the Palm battery is way good enough to to not be impacted seriously by the keyboard use. And it’s a lot more practical on a plane than my notebook.
    As to the question: month or two back, a copy of Quake II. When looking for something to cheer myself up, first-person shooters usually fit the bill.

  7. I got SOCOM Navy SEALs and a PS/2 Ethernet/modem add-on Saturday, woohoo…
    Then I got a gall bladder attack that lead to medication that bunged up my right hand and wrist. No games all week. I am sad.

  8. For me it’s bookstore runs or runs to the CD shop.
    Most recently, I went the first weekend in October because I was anxious about the surgery I was having the next Tuesday (which went fine). I’ve read three of the books I bought already, but a week off work will do that for you.

  9. Books
    Lots and lots of books that currently make up the landfill beside the bed cause I have too many to read…
    Definitely books…

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