NaNoWriMo IV

It starts in a month.

Our demographic surveys indicate that many of you will be employed throughout October and November. Because work tends to interfere with the creative process, our team of negotiators have brokered special deals with your managers and bosses. For the next two months, any time spent planning your novel, writing your novel, or chatting online about your plans for writing a novel, will be considered Company Time and will be paid accordingly by your supervisor. Your employers feel that is the least they can do for you.

Also, they say you can print out your novel on the company laser printer when you’re finished.

I really wish I knew what I was going to write. My brain is all cloudy and befoggled.

One Reply to “NaNoWriMo IV”

  1. Hm…I was running through my head different plot lines from famous works of literature you could steal when I came up with this oddity: Think Amber.
    Now think Hamlet.
    Ooooh, Zelazny, that bastard!

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