Big Clock

Everyone needs a clock utility for their Palm; that’s just a fact. Yeah, there’s a little clock you can pull up on the menu bar, but that’s not a “real” clock, at least not to me. You need an alarm clock function, plus a timer… preferably several of each…
Well, Dave shot a file to me a few months ago and showed me that BigClock, by Jens Rupp, is exactly what I wanted.
The version he gave me was 2.2, which has worked great but is a bit glitchy at times and flat out refused to respond in the Timer mode today, so I set about finding myself my own copy of the donate-ware.
Turns out that Jens is up to something like v2.83, and I can’t say enough good about it. Avoid the extra little plug-ins, they’re pointless, but the added functionality in the Timers section is great (for instance, set up your hourly contracter work rate, start the timer, and it’ll tell you how much your client owes you when you’re done).
Anyway, for palm geeks like me, there’s your product recommendation for the day.