Right, enough geeky talk about the website, let’s talk about my PDA!
[crickets chirping]
Anyway, not much to write about this. I did get a PDA. I opted for:

  • Lots of downloadable software.
  • Long battery life.
  • Affordable color.

From that, the real geeks should be able to not only determine the brand, but the model. Real geeks who also know me might even predict the color.
Here’s a few things I’ve learned already.
Infrared communication is pure magic: Unreliable, impervious to modern logic, and vaguely unsettling when in action.
Buying three-packs of pda stylus’ actually does make sense: at least, it does if you chew on anything held near your mouth for too long and regularly lose things — in other words, I’ll should be buying them by the dozen.
Lithium Batteries for the Palm last a really long time: for me (and you won’t believe this but it’s true), this mean that it takes me 4 whole hours to tap 50% of the battery life.

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