Oh, and BTW

For those of you who saw last night’s Angel episode:
How deeply screwed is Wesley? Holy crap. It’s so obvious when Whedon or Greenwalt write the episode — no one screws with the status quo that much. Love this show.

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  1. Dave: this post would be what one might call “rubbing your face in it.”
    I’m a rat-bastard, sue me — at least we’ll all have something to watch this summer.

  2. Yes but…the giant talking hamburger…definitely Jumping the Shark material.
    So, you think Billy Blim or Sahjan is the adult Connor? :P

  3. The Giant Talking Hamburger was GREAT! I loved it!
    The thing to remember about that encounter was that the spirit inside the thing was a Loa, one of the Voodoo mini-deities that, more than any other religion, are pre-conceived as adaptable to the changing nature of the Modern World.
    Odin doesn’t adapt, Susana-O doesn’t adapt. You go to their temples or you’re out of luck.
    The Loa adapt. The temple’s come to the People….
    So if you’re a god, and you want to be worshipped, you (partially) inhabit whatever item the Modern Man worships…
    Thousands of people drive up to this Idol and pray to it for food everyday. Money is sacrificed. This is Power. (Even if you can only siphon a little bit of it.)
    William Gibson used this idea with his cyberpunk novels — only the Loa had managed to make the jump into the Web — the Loa of Travel gained power from those who wished to “move” on the ‘net.
    So… yeah, I thought it was cool, but only if you know what they meant by the Loa.

  4. That’s all well and good Doyce, but Joss has publicly admitted to throwing mythology out the window and making it up as he goes along. This may or may not be the case here, I’d like to think they do at least some research. I think I may be channelling my entire season’s worth of dissatisfaction into one giant talking hamburger.
    And he was a little ominous, wasn’t he?

  5. I think it’s more of a ‘take what you need and throw away the rest’ approach to mythology, but yeah. I wouldn’t have used the Loa argument to explain it if the Hamburger hadn’t called itself “The Loa” first.
    And yeah, coming from my food-poisoned point of view, the angry hamburger godling was somewhat disturbing to me.

  6. Actually, I thought that the Giant Talking Hamburger visual was occurring only inside Wesley’s head. An outside observer would have seen a man being a bit too serious about making his order.

  7. Guy here at work has an interesting theory.
    Sahjhan, the demon from the other dimension is actually Connor all grown up. Holtz raises Connor in the other dimension, feeding him reasons to hate Angel. Then Connor/Sahjhan jumps back into our dimension/time after he’s grown up (as a demon??) to torture Angel (his father) and make him pay for everything Holtz has told him about his father.
    Please don’t ask me to explain all of it… I’m not sure I understand, but it does sound like something Joss would write.

  8. Why would he want to kill himself then? Did he not want to exist? Remember Sahjhan wanted Connor dead. So now I’m curious, if Wesley isn’t dead, what will Angel do to him???

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