The scene:

Smallville: Clark is being tended to by his mother. He is covered in bruises all over his upper torso from where someone has unloaded a SMG at him.
What does his Dad say?
“Well, that answers that question.” [flips paper to next page]
Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. Feel the love?

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  1. Man, this is like the fifth joke I haven’t gotten today. I think I’m humour-impaired when I actually get enough sleep. I also get back pain, but that’s another issue entirely.

  2. boy, I’m not sure either… if he fights he’s not gay? or what? hey doyce – clue in the clueless here…

  3. He was talking about “Is Clark bulletproof.”
    Just very deadpan matter of fact. His kid hadn’t been shot before… he now was, and it just left bruises.
    “Well, that answers that question.”
    Just struck me funny.

  4. Of course, I might have more of a clue if I actually watched tv… It is one of my adictions that I have actually beaten. Helps that I live is Hicksville, MI and I don’t get reception unless I put up a tower that rivals those at Domino’s Farms… Or I pay Comcast to deliver Cable. Ha! That’ll happen…

  5. Got the joke, laughed hysterically. Lou and I agree with MT…first watch the show for Lex, then watch the show for everyone else.
    Just wish I’d decided to tape it. Still need TiVo.

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